Get Rid of Dead Skin!

Do you dream of having soft and smooth skin? Then the Silkyluxe scrub glove  exactly what you need. Unlike some scrubbing gloves that can be rough and unpleasant to use, SilkyLuxe is gentle and effective.

Scrub glove is made of silky viscose, which makes the skin incredibly soft. It is designed to gently remove dead skin while improving blood circulation in the skin.

With the SilkyLuxe scrub glove, you can experience visible results already after the first use. Your pores are emptied of accumulations and the skin can also get rid of uneven tones and pimples. After several uses, you will notice that the skin becomes more radiant and that it is easier to apply lotion and other skin care products.

Combine the glove with our Body Oil to achieve a shine you've never seen before.