What Is It Like to Run a Swedish Brand in Skin Care?

Starting a new small company in Sweden - Challenges and the way forward for SilkyLuxe

Running a newly opened small company is an exciting and challenging journey. When we at SilkyLuxe decided to start our company, we knew we would face a series of difficulties along the way. But we were determined to offer our customers the best shower experience through our unique products and new concepts. Here we share some of the difficulties we faced and how we worked and are still working to address them.

1. Marketing and Exposure: One of the first challenges we faced was reaching out to our target audience and creating awareness of our brand. As a new company, we had limited resources for marketing. We solved this by using social media and digital marketing to reach potential customers. By creating engaging content and focusing on building our online presence, we managed to create a loyal customer base.

2. Competition: The beauty industry is a highly competitive industry, and it was not easy to stand out among established brands. To differentiate ourselves from the competition, we invested in our unique and natural shower products that offer a luxurious and relaxing shower experience. It is extremely important to have a "why" behind your concept and to be niched in a specific segment of your industry. A common mistake is to start too broad and sell disjointed products, only to be eaten by the larger, experienced and resourceful sharks in the market. 

3. Supply chain and Production: As a start-up company, we faced challenges in finding reliable suppliers and ensuring smooth production of our products. We worked closely with our suppliers to ensure we received high quality raw materials and materials for our shower products. By being careful with our choice of partners and working closely with producers, we were able to manage the production process efficiently. It is also extremely important to have good visibility into the production process in order to create products that are as valuable as possible for customers.

4. Financial Challenges: Running a new business requires a significant investment and can be financially stressful in the early stages. We were careful to have a clear and realistic budget plan and to keep costs under control. Marketing via social media today costs an awful lot! You must therefore be prepared to put out a lot of your own money initially, unless you have received an investment or loan.

5. Adaptation to customer needs: As a new company, it was important for us to understand our customers' needs and expectations. By actively listening to feedback from our customers and conducting market research, we were able to continuously adapt and improve our products to meet their requirements. Make sure to have direct contact with customers via social media and email. Be open to receiving feedback and always work to improve the customer experience as much as possible.

Despite all the challenges, our team at SilkyLuxe has proven to be tenacious and committed to making our small company successful. By overcoming obstacles and sticking to our values ​​and vision, we have built a brand known for quality and customer satisfaction. We look forward to continuing our growth journey and offering our customers the most enjoyable and luxurious showering experience possible. Thank you for supporting us on our journey and for choosing SilkyLuxe as your trusted choice for shower products.

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