Scrubbing glove


Step out of the shower with new skin! The scrub glove provides visible results and exfoliates away old layers of dead skin that clog pores and build up. You only need water to scrub, nothing else!

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  • Exfoliates the skin naturally 
  • Improves skin blood circulation.
  • Helps counteract bumpy skin and ingrown hairs

Material: 100% viscose

Easy to use, follow these steps:

1. Soak the skin.

Enjoy a nice warm shower, bath or steam for at least 5 minutes. Do not apply soap or lotion as the fabric relies on friction to remove dead skin.

2. Prepare the glove.

Wet the glove and squeeze out excess water from the glove.

3. Let the fun begin.

Get out of the water and exfoliate your skin with an up and down motion until you see dead skin cells rolling away. Repeat for each desired area of ​​your body. The more pressure you apply, the better the result, just avoid too much! (Some redness is normal).

When you're done, let the glove hang dry. Stay away from sensitive areas to avoid open cuts, active acne or inflammation.

We recommend using it once or twice a week. The glove lasts about 8 weeks if used correctly.

Customer Reviews

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pinelopi kourouni

I really lovet your glove and all yout products!

Jaana Karppinen

Scrubbing glove

Nilsson Elisabeth

Excellent and all dead skin goes away

Louisa Saliba


Yalda Kazimi

Det va en helt magisk... Jag har personligen använt många olika från andra företag men just denna omg känns som man blir till helt ny person... Huden blir ren och den verkligen tar hela smutsen bort... Super njöd